Our team is here to help you fully understand what is being done with your store at all times. This is absolutely fully automated and personally managed by our team and partners. They’ll oversee the day-to-day operations of your store while you have full access to the back-end!

DFY Diversify

What They Say

Why Clients Use Our Proven System Over Starting From Scratch

We’ve been in this business for well over 10 years and our systems have proven themselves time and time again. The e-Commerce niche is always changing and evolving, and we’re always on the leading edge of what works to keep up with the ecommerce industry. We’re not only going to manage the store entirely for you, we’re going to guide you through how to become a serious portfolio investor.

Sure you can start from scratch, and do it on your own, but it has been statistically proven that over 95% of people will fail building their own store. They will spend due long hours and incredible amounts of work while still never turning a profit.

Looking For More Information About DFY Diversify?

Request a free consultation and speak with one of our experts to find out how we can help you begin making passive income in your sleep.

Seamless Onboarding

We’ve been onboarding clients with care for many years, and can now deliver a smooth and seamless onboarding process.

Store Launch

As soon as your store is built out, you’ll start seeing sales within the first 7 days. We will start scaling your store, adding more products every few weeks so you can watch your profits and sales increase month after month.

Full-Time Management

Our teams are on a 24 hour working schedule between different teams to make sure your store is always being monitored. Customer service, account health, and consistent optimization are key!