As our name implies, we have a variety of different services that can help you build out your business, diversify your portfolio or assist you in getting you ready for a large investment!


Forex Automation

Whether you are just starting out or looking to diversify, we also offer our automated forex plan to help you generate more sources of income. Our custom AI is extremely intelligent, the idea is that you invest however much you’d like and our AI buys when it detects currencies are about to raise in value and sells when it’s about to go down. The best part about it? You’ll never actually lose any money! It’s programmed to only increase your investment.

Aged Businesses

Don’t want to start from scratch? We offer a variety of already cash-flowing businesses that have up to millions of profits made, hundreds of positive reviews and above a 4.5 star rating which will allow us to scale your business aggressively & allow you to begin making 5k – 20k a month in the first month.

Growth Plan

Small investments now become big returns in a short amount of time  This is the best option for those that want passive income but may not have the foundation to fully launch a successful business. You’ve got goals, we’ve got solutions!

Business Credit Lines

We have direct access to American Express Business lines of credit & have the ability to approve you for a Platinum Business Rewards card for your store for free! You must have a 650 credit score & above to qualify for this offer. If you don’t, we can help you get there.


We understand not everyone has piles of cash ready to build off of, which is why we recommend leveraging credit. As long as you have a 650 credit score or above, we can get you approved for low interest financing, placing the cost of your store to only a few hundred dollars a month. Spend a few hundred to make a few thousand? Sounds like a no-brainer to me too.

Looking For More Information About DFY Diversify?

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