reactjs How to replace part of the Redux state

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I would definitely recommend you guys to look out for the coding patterns available for the Context API as it would give you a much bigger scope and how things can be made more reusable. The true advantage of using contexts is you don’t have to pass the state at each step. Just create a Provider and the state passed will be available to any level children with the help of Consumer Component of the same instance. When you start your React app, you should now see a simple counter with “Increment” and “Decrement” buttons. By clicking these buttons, the counter value will be updated using Redux. Since we export with wrapped around, now the component is an app component with all the states and handlers we need for user authentication.

React — Redux vs Hooks

For data types such as arrays, you’ll need to declare multiple immutable functions for handling add, update and delete actions. You’ll see an example of this in a later section of this tutorial. The next step of our conversion is to create an optimistic mutation to replace the saga, reducers, and Redux actions. Below is an optimistic mutation in a custom React hook that optimistically updates the query and invalidates the query after the update.

Can React replace Redux

What’s really different with Redux, is that we can have multiple context in our app so multiple store. Then we removed all the code related to Redux, and we replaced it with the context provider we created, and use the dispatch function provided by the hook useContext(). The main problem with Redux is the complexity that’s why it is only recommended for mid to large scale applications. Even for a small addition in the product, a developer would have to write a good amount of code. So for smaller applications, a developer would have to write tons of lines of code to set up the architecture and further add features on it. Here, we also add further abstraction to the dispatch functions.

Understanding Design Patterns in React

Meanwhile, the saga makes a call to the backend to save the user’s name. To start, let’s take a look at a basic optimistic Redux setup with three reducers, three actions, a selector, and a saga. Now let us import the reducer and context in a functional component and attach them to the component using useReducer hook. React-query is designed to deal with data that is stored on a remote server.

To handle data between disconnected components in React, developers use prop drilling. Both redux and context api update component state which leads to a re-render. In terms of performance, if you are looking for a way to manage not necessary re-renders I suggest you have a look at a few useful hooks, useMemo, useCallback, and React.memo. There was a lot of opinions between redux and context api like this post.

It allows us to have a local state and some other features without having to write a class component. As you have seen Context API is very similar to the Redux but a bit advanced and comparatively less complex. You can create the modular contexts for your React Components and wrap one inside the other. React doesn’t care about how you are passing the data to the components, the thing of consideration is how simple, efficient and reusable it is. We have together replaced redux, and redux saga, and created a flux architecture using only React.

Can React replace Redux

Optionally, instead of actions, we can use action creators, which are functions that create actions. Also, if this.props.rotating is true, then we want to send to our store for the onClick function and change it back to false, and vice-versa. So, what we are saying here is, if the store state of rotating (this.props.rotating) is true, then we want just the App-logo className to be set to our img.

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